NewStim is an object-oriented visual stimulation package, with rudimentary support for auditory stimulation, written in Matlab with heavy use of the Psychophysics Toolbox. It was originally developed by SDV in Sacha Nelson's lab 1999-2005. The grating code incorporates a previous-generation stimulation package written by Eli Rabin and Christian Swinehart, with modifications by Xiangrui Li and Zoran Radisic. (Did Sooyoung Chung and Alexander Heimel also contribute to NewStim?)

The main services it offers are:

    • A core set of classes for commonly used stimuli that can be extended

    • A core set of stimulus presentation, grouping, and parameterizing functions that allow:

      • The ability to electronically log all stimulus parameters and stimulus timing as reported by the Psychophysics Toolbox

      • The ability to send synchronizing pulses for coordination with other devices

      • Full control in Matlab, though the command line or functions/scripts, and remote control over a network (file sharing required)

The stimulation features have been used on Mac OS version 9 with Psychophysics Toolbox version 2, and have recently been used with Mac OS X with Psychophysics Toolbox version 3. It is untested on PCs running Psychophysics Toolbox version 3, but will likely work. Parameter information (for analysis or remote stimulus creation) can be opened without the Psychophysics Toolbox on any Matlab platform (including Linux and Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X).