Installing bzr

Our code libraries are managed with the version control software bazaar. There are almost too many options for installing it, some of which are not updated. These are our current recommended methods for installing bazaar easily and quickly.


As of today (2015-06-08) the bazaar installer for Mac OS is quite dated. I recommend using MacPorts to install bzr (and MacPorts is just great to have in general).

  • If you haven't already, install XQuartz: (this is an X11 replacement, seems to be way way faster than old X11). In Quartz, make sure you update your mouse preferences (I like emulating a 3 button mouse)

  • Install XCode. Can get through Mac App Store.

  • Open an XQuartz terminal and type xcode-select --install to install the command line tools (they decided to make the installation more obscure)

  • Install MacPorts at their website: . After you get it, open a terminal and run sudo port selfupdate.

  • Install or re-install bazaar with sudo port install bzr

  • bzr runs best in Python 2.6. To use Python2.6 as the default add this line to .bash_profile (.bashrc file in Mountain Lion and Mavericks) file: export VERSIONER_PYTHON_VERSION=2.6

  • NOTE: As of January/February 2016, there is a bug in the Python paramiko distribution (that implements ssh2) that causes bzr to fail. I've submitted a patch that will hopefully be incorporated into the real version soon. In the meantime, download the patch and install it manually. Follow these steps on Terminal:

    • cd ~/tools

    • mkdir dev

    • cd dev

    • git clone

    • sudo mv /opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/paramiko paramiko-orig

    • sudo cp -r paramiko/paramiko /opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/


The easiest way to use ssh or bazaar on Windows (in my opinion) is to install a command line interface (shell interface) like Cygwin;.

To install all that you need to run bazaar:

    1. Go to the Cygwin page and download the Setup.exe file.

    2. Run the Setup.exe file

    3. Choose the default setup locations, set it up for all users, etc

  1. After choosing a mirror location for installing, pay attention!

    1. You will be asked to choose any additional packages you might want to install. In the search area, enter "bzr" for bazaar. It will show a list of options that can be expanded; expand these options, and click the text that says "skip"; this will toggle the option to include it (you want to include it). You don't need to include any "source code" (under "S") but you do want to include binaries (under "B").

    2. In addition, search for the following binaries: "openssh", "libssh2_1", "autossh", "crypto", "paramiko"

    3. You may be prompted to install additional packages on which these newly selected packages depend; do it!

    4. Then hit next and your installation will complete.

To use bazaar, you can run the Cygwin.exe file, which pops up a shell. You can switch to a given directory using a sequence of 'cd' commands:

  1. cd c:\documents\ and\ settings


  3. cd c:\my\ documents

  4. cd matlab

  5. bzr branch [insert arguments here]