This is what should be in your vhtools directory distribution (and should have this layout tree).

Code mostly written by the VH lab / Fitzpatrick Lab / Nelson lab and collaborators

calibration/ -- Calibration files for these tools

VH_matlab_code/ -- The lab's Matlab code

general/ -- generally useful files

FitzLabTools/ -- data analysis tools used in the Fitzpatrick lab 2005-2010

NelsonLabTools/ -- Tools used in the Nelson lab 1999-2005, still used by VH lab today

NewStim/ -- Stimulus engine, uses the PsychophysicsToolbox

TwoPhoton/ -- TwoPhoton analysis routines for PrairieView/Leica/Olympus FluoView

slicetools/ -- A relatively incomplete, untested directory of slice physiology tools

Studies/ -- Some specifically analysis routines that are useful for particular studies

vhtools_startup.m -- A program for initializing the code

VH_labview_code/ -- The lab's LabView code

VHLVDaq -- a multichannel data acquisition program written for the NI DAQ

Spike2Scripts -- Scripts and configuration files for CED's Spike2 system; VH lab and Fitzpatrick lab use this for synchronization

Included 3rd party tools:

[These free 3rd party tools are provided here as a convenience; one could (and probably should legally) download these separately]

KlustaKwik -- A fast cluster identification program, by Ken Harris and collaborators

(used in spike data extraction code)

tcp_udp_ip -- Network comunication with other applic. & remote matlab control, by Peter Rydes‰ter with support from Mario Bergeron, Mike Medeiros

(optionally used in NewStim for remote communication)