How to examine stochasticgridstim or blinkingstim frames and timing

[this is under construction]

First we will open the stimulus information in your tXXXXX folder. Then we will get our stimulus and obtain its parameters.

load stims.mat

BLstim = get(saveScript,1); % get the first stimulus

p = getparameters(mystim ) % you can see the parameters here, and your programs can access the parameters this way, too

[Xo,Yo,rect,inds] = getgrid(BLstim); % returns the grid locations, see help blinkingstim/getgrid

presentation_order = getgridorder(BLstim); % returns the presentation order, one grid position per frame

% frame times on the stimulus computer's clock

frameTimesStimComp = MTI2{1}.frameTimes

% frame times on the Spike2 system

[stimid, stimtimes, frameTimesSpike2] = read_stimtimes_txt(DIRNAME) % DIRNAME is full path to where your epoch files are