Reading out fluorescent traces

OK, I've analyzed my cells, but I now want to look at the responses. How do I do it?

    1. Be sure you added cells to the database in the analyzetpstack panel.

    2. Load your cells with the following Matlab commands:

    3. ds = dirstruct(YOURPATH); % where YOURPATH is the data directory, such as '/Volumes/Data2/mydir/2013-12-25'

    4. [cells,cellnames] = tpdoresponseanalysis(ds);

    5. Now you can pull out the data associated with each cell. To see all of this data, use:

    6. A = findassociate(cells{1},'','',''); % now A is a structure with all that is known about this cell.

    7. %Let's print out all this data to the command window:

    8. for i=1:length(A), A(i), end;

    9. Suppose you want the fluorescent data from a particular data set for cell 1.

    10. L = findassociate(cells{1},'unlabeled test','','');

    11. D = findassociate(cells{1},'unlabeled resp raw','','');

    12. % let's plot the first one

    13. plot({1}.t,{1}.data,'b');

    14. xlabel('Time(s)');

    15. ylabel('F');

    16. title(['Data for cell ' cellnames{1} ', directory '{1} '.'],'interp','none');

    17. Suppose you want to find the label information for cell 1:

    18. LABEL = findassociate(cells{1},'analyzetpstack labels','','');

    19. Mylabels =;

    20. Mylabels{1} % view the labels