Google tools

Google calendar

Someone has shared a Google calendar with me, but I don't see it on my list of "Other calendars". What can I do?

On your Google calendar page, go to "Other calendars", and click on the little downward facing triangle thingie to the right (not the left). Choose "Settings" from the downward triangle menu. At the bottom of that page, you will see all of the calendars that you have access to, and you can check which ones you want to show up in your list.

Google domains

How do I make my own domain for my Google Site?

  1. Go to and buy a domain name (straightforward)

  2. Go to your domain name, and choose to edit the DNS settings

    1. Under synthetic records, create any forwarding that you'd like. For example, we created which forwards to I generally choose the permanent and forward the path options.

    2. For each of your websites in your domain (we have wiki, data, code, www, dataclass, internal), add a line with the name (e.g., www), type CNAME, TTL 1h, and data (include trailing period)

  3. Go to your Google Site page and make sure you are logged in as the owner. Choose "Manage site" under the menu, and choose the "Web address" submenu option. Then, add your new web address (e.g., and make it Canonical.

  4. Wait about 15 minutes and then enter your domain in a web browser.