LED illumination of optical fibers

The photograph below shows a working model of an LED setup ready for experiments involving photostimulation via optical fibers.

Below is a photograph which indicates the different components that go into building the LED setup

The cut fiber optic is placed very close to the LED. This facilitated by fitting the fiber tip onto a pipette tip. The pipette tip is held in place by a clamp as shown in the previous figure.

That end of the fiber optic carrying light is taken through a glass/plastic pipette; it is held by a manipulator. The fiber optic is fitted onto a pipette tip.

The LED driver we used

Materials bought from ThorLabs:

LED ordered from Digikey.com (XREBLU-L1-R250-00K01CT-ND)

5 axis Micromanipulator, right handed with post/base assembly(magnetic) made by Soma Scientiic Instruments (MX110R)

Loosely from Campagnola et al. 2008