ChR2Projector panel

Steps might be:

    1. Full screen blue square, default is 10 pulses at 10 Hz but you can edit this by clicking the "Edit" button

    2. Smaller squares (40 pixels by 40 pixels each), with location varied at 10 frames per second

    3. A line of blue that is full screen in length (this is what the 800 pixels means) and 10 pixels in width (this is what the 10 means); each location is flashed for 0.1 seconds (this is what the 0.1 means). The location where the bars are flashed is specified at the left. The default in this picture means it will be flashed from -200 to 200 pixels from the center location that is specified in the Screen Tool window, in steps of 5 pixels. This is probably a good place to start. The whole process is repeated 30 times (this is hard-coded and can't be changed).

Make sure to use a different reference number for each cell (and a different Chr2Projector window for each cell).