The ChR2Sheet allows one to present a variety of grating stimuli with and without the presence of an external set of pulsed stimuli that can be set to occur along with the visual stimuli. This is primarily used for controlling light pulses for cells that express channelrhodopsin or another optogenetic tool, but in principle could also be used to drive electrical stimulation or iontophoresis or pressure injections of drugs.

When you open the ChR2Sheet, you'll be asked whether or not you want to look at a cell record that has been made previously or whether you want to use a cell record that has yet-to-be-acquired.

To run stimuli, one may first want to edit the base parameters of the grating that is used by clicking [Edit base]. Then, right next to the [Edit base] button, one can adjust the number of tuning curve repetitions for gratings and the interstimulus interval, whether or not the trials should be psuedorandomized, and whether or not a blank stimulus should be included.

To run a direction tuning curve, go to the line that says "Coarse Direction" and click [Run]. When you click run, you will be asked to confirm that your acquisition program is running. Verify that it is running and then click OK.