Making your own copy of the code to work on

It's likely that you'll want to edit some of our code and then, later, when you're happy with the changes, to initiate a request for the administrator of the code to merge your changes in. There are a few ways to do this in Github, but I'll cover the easiest way here.

The easiest way (least technical) is to make a fork of the distribution in your own user space. 
  1. View the code in github online.
    For example, go to the page:
  2. Click the fork button. It will prompt you to create a copy of the distribution in your own space.
  3. If you already have a copy of the code on your local machine, delete it.
    For example, navigate in your file browser to USERSPACE/Documents/MATLAB/tools and delete the original directory.
  4. On a command line prompt, navigate to the USERSPACE/Documents/MATLAB/tools directory.
    For example, in DOS/Windows, you might run COMMAND from the toolbar, and type cd C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Documents\MATLAB\tools
  5. On the command line, download (clone) your fork onto the local disk.
    For example:  git clone
  6. Make all your changes to the code
  7. Commit your changes to your local code. Navigate to the directory of your fork on the command line and type git commit -a -m "NOTE" where NOTE is a note of your changes.
  8. Push your changes back to your remote fork. git push
  9. When you are ready to ask the administrator to merge your changes back in, view your fork on githib, and click Pull request. Fill out the request.
  10. Keep working (repeat steps 6-10 to infinity!)