Video acquisition on Marek through LabView

  • turn on Marek, foghorn and colonel
  • Make sure Marek is connected to Foghorn, via the cable labeled "connects marek to Foghorn".  This cable has a gold pin like connector that goes into the back of marek.  The cable has some BNC connectors in the middle.  And at the other end, a BNC connector goes into the interconnect box port 9.
  • turn on all scripts on foghorn and colonel to run stims.  make sure "acquire data" is on. 
  • On marek, open Labview.  Run  [ do NOT run any other similar sounding projects! ]
  • on foghorn, 'Run' whatever stim you want to run.  The prompt for "please confirm acquisition..." will come on.  DO NOT press ok yet.
  • Go to marek and set up acquisition:  1.  set up Manual acquire directory; make sure to give a name to acquisition directory.  2.  set 'video frame/data frame' to 1; and 'data frame/trigger' to 300 (this will collect 10 sec video at 30 fps).  
  • click white arrow to run, and then click Go button
  • Go to foghorn and click OK
  • move back to Marek.  If acquisition is working right, 1.  at top left corner the 'framenumber' panel should start from 1 and go up to 299,  2.  the 'image 2' window at bottom right should start showing the images
  • when 'framenumber' at top left reaches 299, click 'Stop' button, then click red stop octagon to stop the acquisition program.
  • Check if tiff files were collected in the specified directory.  You can open as image sequence in ImageJ to confirm if video looks alright.